Please contact us at hello@newhousemates.com if you have any further questions.

Will I receive the exact plant in the photograph on the product page?

As plants are living objects, each with a personality of their own, there will always be some variations from the exact plant show on the website. We do aim to update this website regularly as our stock changes.

Can you pot my plant into the decorative pot?

Your plant will arrive in a black nursery pot. It's generally recommended that the nursery pot sits inside the decorative pot. However, if you wish to pot up your plant into a decorative pot, you are welcome to - but it's best to wait a month or so before doing this, to allow your new housemate time to get used to their new home before being disturbed.

How is my plant packaged & shipped out?

With a great deal of care! Our plants are kept here locally here in Canberra, and are always watered prior to being delivered locally, to you. So they will only be on a short journey to get to you, and well cared for along the way.

Your order will either be hand delivered by our very own in-house staff or via Poppy Deliveries - who specialise in flower and plant deliveries, so you can rest assured your new housemate is in safe hands. If your order needs to be left unattended, they will be left in a secure, shady spot.

We currently offer delivery to all Canberra suburbs, as well as Queanbeyan and Jerrabomberra.