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Dan's Indoor Plant Care tips

Dan's Indoor Plant Care tips

Keep these few things in mind when considering your indoor plant choice, and you'll be well and truly ready for you new Housemates!


Choose the right plant for the right space

This rule is for all plants, indoors or outdoors. Plants grow in different environments, so it’s important to consider light, humidity, and temperature when you are choosing the plant you want to buy. This will ensure that we put them in the correct space to ensure they not only survive, but thrive!  


Don’t skimp on soil. 

I love soil! If you stop for a second and think about what soil provides us (i.e literally everything we eat and see around us), I think you’d agree, it’s pretty damn amazing. I will be offering more information about soil in the future, but for now all I will say is buy the best soil you can buy, and if this if for indoor plants, please make sure you are using a Premium Potting Mix, as the plant is going to live in this for a long time to come… 


Watering. Don’t worry, it’s not as scary as you think. 

Yes, plants most need water to survive, but it’s often not as complicated as it seems! A good rule to remember for watering is more most plants prefer more water, less often. What I mean by this is plants generally prefer a big gulp of water once every few days, as appose to regular small sips. This allows the soil and roots dry out in between watering, which makes the plants much happier. They need a break, man!


Get more Peace in your life.

The Spathiphyllum (Peace Lily) is a fantastic indoor plant to include in your collection, as it's super easy care, but also super dramatic! The Peace Lily droops it's leaves when it's in need of water, which I find acts as a good reminder that it might be time to water all your plants. For busy folk like me, this can really help!


Plants get hungry too!

Just like us humans, plants need access to vitamins and nutrients to drop big and strong. In the wild plants thrive when they are in their native environment and have super healthy soil. If we are trying to mimic this, we can use things like compost, or liquid and slow release fertilisers with our plants to ensure they have access to the nutrients they need to thrive.


Keep it clean, bro!

Plants are always happier when they have nice clean leaves and luckily for us there are 2 really easy ways to ensure this happens. 1. Give your plants a good rinse outside or in the shower. This will help by giving them a good soak (see above), and also clean off the dust and also help control little critters that may be on the plant. 2. Use a spray such as 'Neem Oil' which will help keep your leaves shiny, and is also a great way to control the dreaded fungus gnats!


Indoor Plants are seasonal too!

Plants have growing seasons (typically Spring & Autumn), and as we are coming in to the cooler weather in Canberra, you can also slow down with your watering. Some plants may only need water once every 10-14 days. Funnily enough, the most common way to kill an indoor plant is probably by over-watering! So keep calm and try not to drown your plants...


Plants like to move to a new home too.

Just like us, when us humans outgrow the home we are living in, we seek a bigger space to settle in. Plants too, can outgrow their homes and need to be potted up into a larger space. This is a perfect opportunity to use healthy soil which will give your plant access to fresh nutrients and fertiliser so it can continue to grow big and strong.


Look after your furry friend...

I love animals, and it's worth mentioning that unfortunately quite a few indoor plants can be quite toxic to animals if consumed. A lot of animals (like the cat I am lucky enough to share my home with) don't seem interested in plants, but if your furry friend is, please make sure you choose a plant that is Pet Safe, to save a trip to the vet!


Dan's favorite plant right now...

Dan is loving the Peperomia argyreia 'Watermelon.' These have beautiful deep green leaves which contrast so nicely against red stems, and they throw up delicate flowers on spikes so they're pretty damn amazing.